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Phragmipedium Woosners Supergrande

Clone: Penns View

Parentage: longifolium x humboldtii

Exhibited by:  Woodstream Orchids

Three flowers and one bud on a 50-cm inflorescence; sepal base color
translucent yellow-green, longitudinal pale brown stripes, dorsal sepal reticulated
dark brown; slightly twisted petals pale yellow-green overlaid mahogany, darker
mahogany distally; pouch pale yellow-green overlaid medium brown;, prominent
venation, spotted centrally, staminode dark brown; substance medium; texture

Dimensions in centimeters:                  Horz.                  Vert.
Natural Spread:                                    6.5                    27.9          
Dorsal Sepal:                                        2.9                    12.0
Lateral Sepal (Syn):                              5.0                    10.5
Lip (Pouch):                                          3.6                     6.0  
Paph. Wössner Kolorand, AM, 87

Parentage:  kolopakingii x randsii

Exhibited by:  Anthony Plasters
Six flowers perfectly spaced and arranged on one 64-cm upright inflorescence;
dorsal sepal off white shaded green centrally, vertically striped dark purple;
synsepal green, lightly striped dark purple basally, distal portion clear green;
inwardly curved green petals spotted dark purple on basal portion, coalescing to
fine stripes extending towards apical tip; pouch darker green apically, lighter
green-brown basally with a a pronounced venation network; substance moderate;
texture semi-glossy.  Awarded for superb presentation and color clarity.

Dimensions in centimeters:                      Horz.                    Vert.
Natural Spread:                                         8.1                     11.5          
Dorsal Sepal:                                             3.0                      4.5
Petal:                                                         0.8                      9.9
Lateral Sepal (Syn):                                   2.7                      4.8
Lip (Pouch):                                              1.4                       4.9