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August 2017
Habenaria Eric's Pink Thing 'She's allowed to Wait', AM/AOS

Twelve flowers and two buds on one upright inflorescence; dorsal sepal
channeled, ice green edged and tipped salmon pink; lateral sepals flat, ice green,
tipped light salmon pink; petals minute; lip saturated pink more intense basally;
nectary pendant, pink, 5.0 cm long, 0.2 cm diameter; substance firm, texture satin.
Habenaria rhodochela

Approximately two hundred forty flowers and 350 buds on 24 inflorescences on
24 growths, grown in a 45-cm x 24-cm plastic pot filled with peat based soil;
sepals green; petals nsiginificant; lip orange; substance firm; texture matte;
recognizes the grower for excellent culture of a single clone of the Habenaria.
Phragmipedium Grouville flavum 'Rollands Coulee Creek', AM/AOS 81 pts

Phrag. Eric Young X Hanne Popow

One charming, full flower on one inflorescence; petals cream, tips suffused warm
pink, blended with pale golden yellow basally, prominent midrib soft yellow, sepals
cream faintly suffused warm pink; synsepal pale green, brushed warm pink
basally; lip cream heavily overlaid warm pink, interior golden yellow speckled pink,
staminode pale golden yellow, brushed pink centrally; substance firm; texture
Phalaenopsis javanica 'Blue Java', JC

Presented by Little Brook Orchids

Two small cupped pale yellow flowers on two 6-cm inflorescences; sepals and petals pale
yellow with faint brown bars that are entire on lateral sepals; lip true coerulean blue with light
yellow calli, column and anther cap white; substance hard; texture matte; awarded for rare blue
lip and pale flower.
Dendrobium Samarai X Dendrobium Madame Uraiwam  HCC/AOS

Presented by Joe Francis

65 Antelope type flowers on 4 strong terminal inflorescence; dorsal sepals white overlayed
burgundy becoming more saturated terminally; twisted petals white shading to brown terminally
brushed burgundy on front surface; sepals white, curved back terminally, brushed burgundy
becoming more saturated terminally, lip base color white, side lobes light green brushed and
striped burgundy on inner surface, keel white, midlobe deep burgundy; substance firm texture