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Our next virtual training session will be held on January  13th, 2020 at
7:30 PM
The main focus of our discussion will be the judging Red Cattleyas

1) We will begin our training session with a presentation from Valerie
Lowe on the Special Award Winners from AOS

2) We will begin our Red Cattleya discussion with our Student Judge
speaking to the award-ability of Blc. Taeko Tamaki 'B' as presented by
Gordon Slaymaker.  Photos and measurements are provided in the
link to your left and right.

3) In preparation for our meeting, I have posted a couple articles from
AOS on red Cattleyas.  (Thank you Rob!!!). These articles can be
downloaded from the links on the
Blc. Taeko Tamaki 'B' web page -
The link is to your left.
Rob Gresbach will then speak to the different scientific aspects of
what makes a Cattleya flower 'red' and the breeding behind them.

4) In our last discussion, Ken Meier mentioned Slc. Hawaiian
Prominance 'America' and how it flowers differently in different
temperatures.  Rob will be addressing this phenomena as well.

5) Our February Discussion will be on two new
Cymbidium hybrids
presented by John Dunckelberger.  Details are provided in the links to
your left.

Notice: 01/09/2021 - A second Cymbidium and a Cattleya has been
added to our judging adgenda for our February/March Discussion:

Cym. Doris X erthraeum
 and  Bsn. Jewell's Jewel

7) I have added some photos of Phalaenopsis amabilis taken in situ.  
These phtos were taken from FaceBook, so we can assume they are
authentic.  Enjoy

8) I have also posted some photos of Paph. charlesworthii from
FaceBook.  We will discuss these different 'varieties' as time permits.
Additional information will be added as it is received.

If you have information to contribute, please send it to
Blc. Taeko Tamaki 'B'
(Blc. Jeremy Island X Sharon King)
Blc. Taeko
Tamaki 'B'
N.S.H.: 12 cm        N.S.V.: 15.2 cm
D.S.W.: 3.0  cm     D.S.L.: 8.0 cm
L.S.W.: 3.0 cm      L.S.L.: 7.5 cm
P.W.: 6.1 cm          P.L.: 6.9 cm
L.W.: 6.0* cm        L.L.: 7.0 cm*

* Lip measurements taken without
Phal bellina
violacea Samera
Cym. Amazing
X dayanum
Cym. Doris X
Photos of Phal.
amabilis in situ
Bsn. Jewell's
Certificate of
Foliage Desirability