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Our next virtual training session will be held on February 10th, 2021 at
7:30 PM
1) The main focus of our discussion will be a presentation by Frank

2) We began discussion of the Cymbidium cross Doris X erthraeum
which we will conclude after Frank's presentation.

3) finally, we'll begin further discussion of the foliage award and how
we might want to proceed with that.

4) I have added some photos of Phalaenopsis amabilis taken in situ.  
These photo's were taken from FaceBook, so we can assume they are
authentic.  Enjoy

5) I have also posted some photos of Pap. Charlesworthii from
FaceBook.  We will discuss these different 'varieties' as time permits.

6) I have also posted some photo's of a new variety of Phalaenopsis
pulcherima - var. mamorata found in South Vietnam and Laos.  You'll
want check out the leaves, as this is what really makes this new
variety desirable.
Additional information will be added as it is received.

If you have information to contribute, please send it to
Cym. Doris X
Photos of Phal.
amabilis in situ
Certificate of
Foliage Desirability
Phal. pulcherima
var. marmorata
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